I currently offer supervision services for current students enrolled in practicum or internship as part of their undergraduate or graduate degree in counseling. Students are provided with an in-depth clinical experience. While interns function semi-autonomously in their clinical work, there are many opportunities for regular contact with other therapists and staff within the group practice. I assist interns in developing an individual learning agreement and training plan that assures both a breadth and depth of experience taking into account your special training needs and interests. I supervise from an educational perspective utilizing a variety of theories.

Interns function as professional staff, maintain a clinical caseload, and participate in staff meetings, work committees, and training activities. Each intern receives a minimum of 1 hour per week of individual supervision. Interns will be provided with opportunities for direct clinical hours, non-direct hours and potential group counseling opportunities.

Potential Intern Requirements
  • Must be knowledgeable of the legal ethical standards of your licensing board. 
  • Must be self-motivated and able to work semi-independently. 
  • Must be open to constructive feedback. 
  • Availability must be flexible and compatible with my current caseload schedule.

Application for Internship
You should apply for a practicum or internship at least six weeks before your practicum/internship is scheduled to begin.

The application must include the following documents:

  •  A cover letter that describes: 
    • The education and training you have received in preparation for counseling practicum or internship. 
    • The requirements from your university or licensing board that explain the types of experience and the supervision requirements for your practicum/internship. 
    • The date a decision must be made about your acceptance into practicum/internship.  
  • Your resume. 
  • Your transcripts from all college/university education experiences. 
  • Three names of references and at least one letter of recommendation from a professor, practicum coordinator or licensed mental health practitioner (LCDC, LPC, LMFT, LCSW, PhD or MD).
All application documents must be submitted by email to