Individual Counseling

"Happiness is a journey, not a destination."
- Alfred D. Souza

I am not typically a believer in the "one size fits all" mindset and therefore it was only natural that during my studies I was drawn to a Multimodal approach that integrates Humanistic and Cognitive Behavioral theories and techniques. I believe the needs and abilities of each individual are different and in order to be effective, one must customize and tailor their approach to meet the client. I begin with establishing positive rapport and work with the client to determine what approaches and techniques are most in line with their needs and strengths.

I believe a therapeutic relationship with the client is positively established through the use of genuineness, warmth, empathy, and unconditional positive regard. When positive rapport is established I move forward with helping clients to reframe their thoughts and modify responding behavior and feelings in order to promote steps towards positive change. I also incorporate a variety of creative therapies to assist in discussing, exploring and processing thoughts and feelings. As a therapist, I follow strength-based and empowerment models and strive to create a safe environment which promotes growth, an increased level of self-awareness and the development of healthy coping and problem solving skills.

Adult Counseling: When working with adults, I use a combination of talk therapy in conjunction with other creative therapies when compatible with the client's skills and needs. Sessions with adult clients are strengths based and empowerment focused. Some interventions that may be utilized are genograms, bibliotherapy, art therapy, narrative therapy, journaling, mindfulness meditation, worksheets, and charting thoughts/behaviors.

Child and Adolescent Counseling: Children and teenagers often have difficulty feeling comfortable in traditional talk therapy and as a result can find therapy intimidating or "boring." When working with young people I like a take a more creative approach and get clients active during sessions through the use of art therapy, journaling, music, walk and talk sessions, bibliotherapy, therapeutic board games, narratives and play therapy techniques. Parents are encouraged to take an active in the therapeutic process and parental roles and expectations are discussed and agreed upon with the child/adolescent.

Online/Text Counseling: Interested in therapy but unable to attend in-person sessions? I am currently offering text counseling services through Talkspace.